25+ years ago, armed with a corded drill, a few drill bits, and absolutely no understanding of what I was about to attempt, I set out to install a brand new Kahler tremolo system in my Series A strat.

I was hooked!

Now granted, I absolutely ruined a perfectly good guitar, but born inside was a desire to learn what it takes to build a great guitar. Four years of touring full time taught me what worked and what didn't, what felt good, and what lasted the set! Numerous years of repairing other peoples guitars has brought a colourful palette of experience to the table. And hours of conversations with other guitarists has inspired me to this time and place;

Klassen Guitars. Hand-built, high quality, highly customizable pieces of art!


TSL-0003 - For Sale!

TSL-0003 is a guitar that was sold but now is available for purchase. It is not routed or painted yet so there is lots of room for custimization. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can talk!!

Body - 3 piece alder. It is modeled after a Tele Special. The shape is close to a Tele with a couple of variations, the most distinct being the neck access. Chris asked for 24 frets and that is a real stretch to get at with the normal cut away. So I modified the cut away to give much better access but look normal from the front.

Neck - Maple with a mahogany strip down the center.

Fretboard - Rosewood. I have always liked understated fretboards. Chris agreed! So we put a Roman numeral 2 at the 12th fret. Looks great.

Headstock - This is a sandwich of flame maple veneer, black walnut, maple from the neck, and another piece of black walnut.