Thanks for dropping by!

GuitarArt was started a number of years ago as a hobby and has really taken off lately to include custom guitars, speaker cabinets and who knows what next! (I have a few ideas...but we have a little more R&D to go!!)

A wordsmith I am not, but my heart desire is to put hand to wood, fabric and metal and see musicians have not just an instrument but a real piece of art placed in their hands. At the same time I hold very tight to the perspective that instruments were created to make music and not hang on a wall to elicit comments on their beauty!! My approach is to see a functional instrument that comments on the one-of-a-kind nature of every instrumentalist.

So if you are looking for a unique, well playing and great sounding piece to add to your musical arsenal, give me a call!! For an up to date of what I am working on, please see my Facebook page.(Link at the top of this page)