Don't get me wrong!

I love old Marshall cabinets and nothing looks as classy as a good Fender combo. And toughness? You just don't get tougher than a Mesa! But personally I find they all lack one thing: that piece that screams 'One of a kind!'

Out of a need to be able to crank up my favorite non-master amps, I built a 1x12 cabinet that I could stuff under the stage in an isolation box and not deafen everybody around me. The problem was it ended up looking a little too good and my brain started spinning! "What if I used that ugly pillow cover I found at the junk store..." So as you see below I have had a bunch of fun building one-of-a-kind speaker cabinets and recovered a few amp heads.

All the cabinets I build are solid woods, re-claimed locally where ever possible. The same applies to fabrics and hardware. Only where I have no other choice do I go out and buy stuff new.

I truly enjoy building art with stories already built in!!

Or maybe you already have the prized cabinet but want a different look. I have recovered a number of amps and cabinets for people and have requests coming to me more and more to do this. I must admit I have a few of my own amps that are lined up to have this done once I have a bit more time... lol!

Take a good look in the "For Sale" page to see if anything I have in stock fits your fancy. On the "Sold" page I show some that have been done before to tweak your thought process, and then if you want to buy one check out the "Order" page. I am open to work with any ideas and see your crazy plans come to fruition!